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Dynamic Estimating

Based on a user created library of parametrically driven product templates. Our software features robust estimating tools, to meet unique requirements like:

  • User created product library consisting of customizable product templates.
  • Each product template contains materials and labor operations parametrically customised per takeoff usage.
  • Each product template may optionally contain alternate configuration sets.
  • Takeoff the project scope for group breakdown or holistic costing.
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Project Communications

A suite of communication tools providing end-to-end project communication. End-to-end project information sharing and visibility.

  • Milestone Data Dashboard.
  • Document Management.
  • Project Notes.
  • Web Contact (CRM).
  • Links.
  • and many more
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Task Management

With a robust workflow engine, Our software easily handles task assignment and task completion monitoring for performance accountability.

  • Description: Used to establish the task purpose, i.e., mandates, reminders, event occurrence, or decisions
  • Assignment: Tasks may be assigned based on project role or default assignment. Multiple task assignments are also supported.
  • Dependency: Task sequencing is determined by its dependency on its respective predecessor.
  • and others
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Engineering Preconstruction

Management of the project engineering phase offering shop drawing, RFI, RFQ, and material submittal approval tracking. Create manufacturing releases matching your shop’s net resource capacity.

  • Shop Drawing Register: Track each shop drawing progress and status via milestone dates such as required, submitted and returned dates.
  • Revision History : Each shop drawing line item tracks the revision history until final approval is received.
  • Material & Finishes Approval: Submit Material Samples and Finish Samples for project owner/architect approvals. Submission history such as date sent, approval/rejected date are tracked.
  • And more…
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Material Management

Requisitions and Purchase Order Management with real-time inventory visibility for lean execution and processing.

  • Requisition Linkage: Each line item may be directly linked to a project Work Order, Shop Drawing and attachment.
  • Requisition Data: Item description, including modifiers such as finish, pricing, vendor, payment and shipping terms when negotiated outside of purchasing are provided to procurement personnel for their purchase order facilitation.
  • Purchasing: Satisfy all requisitions by either allocating from inventory, issuing a purchase order or rejected back to the requisitioner.
  • and Others
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Robust Scheduling

Dynamic operational and production scheduling in conjunction with net resource capacity.

  • Separate your project into workorders and track each individually.
  • Scheduling is driven via Crows Nest Task Management
  • Visual, Drag & Drop
  • Project & Production Scheduling
  • and more…
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Work Orders Feature Image
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Work Orders

Create works orders of size, scope, and type around your production capabilities and capacities. Track works order milestone dates unique to each works order.

  • Split Projects into smaller manageable works order releases
  • Define unique Dates/Tasks per individual works order release
  • Releases may be quantity driven based on custom defined Unit Of Measure (UOM)
  • Create custom works order templates specific to each type types of Works order Release
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Labour Time Collection

Track Labour in the Shop or in the Field with Crows Nest. Crows Nest provides a Windows PC based time clock standalone application to be disbursed throughout the shop to create for time keeping stations.

  • PC stand alone program to capture individual clock-ins to a project, project Work Order, Project Labour Department and Labour Operation.
  • Clock Into or out of a Break
  • Clock In times may be rounded up, down to the nearest increment specified.
  • Assigned Tasks may be marked as “complete” by the user.
  • and more…
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Shipping Manifests

Scan bar-coded shipping labels via the Crows Nest Mobile App for the listing of all items to reside in a shipping manifest. Then print Shipping Tickets to travel with the goods listed in the manifest to their destination

  • User Defined Bar-Code Labels
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning (Android, iOS)
  • Windows Mobile CE Support for Industrial Laser Scanners
  • Manifest list may be imported from 3rd party solution.
  • and more,,,
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Project Financials

Progress billing with Retention Tracking, Change Order and Payment Receipts Tracking and Real-Time Budget vs. Actual Costing Analysis.

  • Schedule Of Values
  • Change Orders Processing (submitted, pending, approved, rejected)
  • Invoicing (with Retainage Processing)
  • and more…
Project Financials
Custom Reporting Feature Image
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Custom Reporting

Crows Nest will develop Custom Reports to user requirements for new customers as a standard service offering. “If the data exists in Crows Nest, then a custom report can be created to your design around it”

  • Over 300 standard report layouts shipped with Crows Nest Software.
  • Standard report layouts may be “tweaked” to customer preference.
  • Custom report layouts based on user specification are optionally available.
  • Reports may be automatically run on a configured repeating schedule
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Android & IOS Mobile APP

Crows Nest provides PC based timeclock station software or mobile app (IOS and Android) for fast, easy, and convenient labor data entry at the work location.

  • Timeclock: Clock in or out of a project, work order or assigned task directly to the Crows Nest server or via the TimeSheet when a data connection is not available. View entered hours over a data range.
  • Project: emotely capture GPS coordinates and view all project CONTRACTS.
  • Manifests: Use your mobile device’s camera to scan bar-coded shipping labels as you load for shipment or unload at the job site.
  • and more…
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Support Packages

Crows Nest Software offer a range of support plans, these plans cover the needs of small workshops of the larger commercial joinery companies

support plan