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Management Material Requirements from Purchasing to Job Costing

Crows Nest conforms to procurement best practices with the separation of Requisitioning and Purchasing. While Requisitions are not obligations to the company, issued Purchased Orders are, therefore access to Crows Nest Purchasing is limited via granted permissions.

Requisitions submitted to purchasing may contain its respective budgetary pricing from Estimating for procurement negotiation. Further, submitted requisitions may be rejected in Crows Nest purchasing when appropriate. Requisitions are submitted to the MR Queue in Purchasing where the requisition may be fulfilled from available inventory or through Purchase Order creation.

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  • Requisition Linkage: Each line item may be directly linked to a project Work Order, Shop Drawing and as an attachment.
  • Requisition Data: Item description, including modifiers such as finish, pricing, vendor, payment, and shipping terms when negotiated outside of purchasing are provided to procurement personnel for their purchase order facilitation.
  • Purchasing: Satisfy all requisitions by either allocating from inventory, issuing a purchase order or rejected back to the requisitioned.
  • Purchase Orders: Can be sent via Crows Nest email SMTP processor.
  • Track all ordered items receipt dates based on vendor order acknowledgements.
  • Every item purchased carries a Pricing History graphically indicating purchase cost trends.
  • Items purchased are automatically tied to the project and work-order costing for real-time comparison to the project’s actual vs estimated costing.
  • Items received increment, while item consumed decrement real-time inventory.
  • Missed or late task due dates, completed tasks, task assignments, changed milestone dates are just some of the types of triggers that can be created for instant notifications and alerts.

Streamline your project expenses and costing by accurate management of materials, contact one of our sales team today to find out more.