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Create Manufacturing Releases Matching Your Shop Capacity

Create works orders of size, scope, and type around your production capabilities and capacities. Track works order milestone dates unique to each works order. Apply a template of date-driven prioritized tasks relevant to each works order release, driven by the works order’s milestones, quantities, and other relevant information entered with the issuance of each work-order.

Breaking each project down into component works orders enables greater overall project management and cost analysis from an entire project overview down to each project segment. Works Order Management also feeds the powerful project and production scheduler offered in Crows Nest Project Management Software.

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// Project Management Software


  • Split Projects into smaller manageable Works order Releases.
  • Define unique Dates/Tasks per individual Works order Release.
  • Releases may be quantity driven based on custom defined Unit of Measure (UOM).
  • Create custom work-order templates specific to each type types of Works order Release.
  • Work-Order Tasks are unique and separate from Project-Level Tasks.
  • Track Shop Production Progress with Works order Release Markers.
  • Direct link of Works order Release to respective Shop Drawing, RFI, Project Costing Budget, Invoice and Change Order.

Reduce projects delays and over allocation of resources by breaking down project tasks into small more optimised task, allowing for better micromanagement of protest outcomes. Contact Crows Nest Today to find out more.