The flow of information in an organization is one of the factors that can make or break a business. Since knowledge is power, if it isn’t shared with all employees, it’ll likely result in a project management silo. 

These silos will take different forms, but finding a comprehensive way of managing projects, gathering information, and allocating resources is how you solve these problems. This post explores the most common project management silos and how to deal with them. 

1. Project Data Scattered Across Employees

One of the causes for silos during project management is an uneven distribution of project data among your employees. Your project will have several components which different employees will have to handle. However, when the data seems unrelated, it can become challenging to know how the role one person plays relates to the project as a whole. 

It’s essential to relay project information comprehensively to your staff which you can do with the Crows Nest Platform. You don’t need to use handwritten documents since the system will digitize the information and send it to your employee’s devices for convenience. With a platform-based management system, it’ll become easier to understand how each step contributes to the project as a whole. 

Say goodbye to manual entry errors and miscommunications by using our platform. The Crows Nest platform allows you to maintain accurate records, timely schedules and ensure you stay on budget. 

2. Unnecessary, Duplicated, or Completely Neglected Tasks

Another way silos can wreak havoc on your projects is when members of staff handle unnecessary tasks. Sometimes, your staff can have redundant tasks, especially when they don’t know what to do every day. Other times, you could have more than one person dealing with the same job without either of them knowing because tasks are generalized rather than being assigned explicitly to individuals. 

Such situations can create an imbalance in the workplace and leave some tasks neglected and without anyone to handle them, while others are duplicated. Creating a work schedule using our platform can remedy this situation and ensure that each task has the correct number of people handling it. Additionally, it’ll allow you to review the tasks you assign and determine which ones are necessary from those that are not. 

With several duplicated or unnecessary tasks underway, you’ll be underutilizing your staff. You should place resources where they are most needed to ensure a smooth operation of your contracting business. Additionally, if you don’t allocate tasks systematically, neglected tasks will delay the completion of your project and cause issues like rework. 

3. No Project Wide Communication

Lack of project-wide communication is another cause of silos in contracting. Most people assume that communication is only relevant at the beginning of a project, but it’s necessary until completion. You need to provide the necessary information at each project stage while giving feedback on the tasks. 

Without consistent communication throughout the project term, it’ll be harder to rectify mistakes once the project is complete. The Crows Nest platform provides a way to improve project-wide visibility to your entire team so that there isn’t any confusion surrounding the task, timeline, and resources of the project. As a result, it’ll become easier to avoid errors as the project continues, which will help save time and resources. 

In addition, the digital platform will also allow you to share critical data, not only to team members but also the stakeholders. Keeping the project’s stakeholders in the loop will help ensure you are an effective and resourceful project manager. Maintaining active communication channels is one of the ways to reduce silos in project management and can be easier when you have a robust platform that guides your hand.

4. Lack of Accountability on Delegated Tasks

Accountability refers to the obligation different team members have to provide an account for project tasks and responsibilities. It also involves transparently delivering results without ambiguity. One of the factors that limit accountability is the lack of a clearly defined schedule. 

The Crows Nest central database allows your team to see the tasks you assign them, the deadline, essential details, and the inventory they should use. This ensures each member is aware of what you expect from them and the timeline for delivering their tasks. Since this information is available on mobile devices, there won’t be a need for a physical schedule on the premises. 

With clear directives, your staff should know whether they are handling tasks correctly and will also be able to quickly seek clarification when necessary. You can also take firm action to encourage accountability by addressing poor performance as you follow up on schedules. As you implement these strategies, you should notice a reduction in silos and an improvement in productivity. 

5. Projects Running Late

Another problem that can affect the performance of your business is project delays. There are several causes of project delays, but the most common is a lack of effective communication when the scope of the project changes. Keeping your team in the loop is necessary as stakeholders and project managers handle decision-making, especially when you have a project underway. 

If communication is smooth and timely, employees can quickly adapt even when the focus of the project changes direction. The Crows Nest platform will ensure any decisions you make are visible to your team as soon as you make them. Since the project’s timeline will also be available in the task schedules you set, it’ll be easier for employees to account for their progress without excuses to ensure you don’t end up with delays. 

It’s essential to set realistic goals before you begin undertaking a project. You’ll need to check whether you have the necessary resources, manpower, and time to handle the project. But, with all these elements in place, our unified platform will ensure you eliminate any silos that can cause delays to your projects. 


Project management silos can make it challenging to handle contracts. That’s why it’s essential to find a comprehensive solution for your silos before they cause irreparable damage to your business and reputation. You can find the solution you need by adopting the Crows Nest cohesive platform to help you manage projects, schedule tasks, and handle other responsibilities without hassle. So contact us today and let us assist you with your project management silos today. 

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