Productivity is a crucial aspect of any successful business. While you could have a well-qualified team, your results won’t reach expected levels without effective communication. That’s why you want to have a smooth and effective project communication strategy. 

The advantages of 360 degree project communication are without question and can help your company work more efficiently. This post covers the benefits of adopting clear communications using the Crows Nest platform during project management. 

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1. Reduced Misunderstandings

When you communicate effectively with your team, everyone should understand their role and responsibilities without any confusion. Once everyone is on the same page, you can say goodbye to misunderstandings on issues like labor division, schedules, and allocated resources. The Crows Nest cloud-based platform can ensure every team member knows what to do. 

Since a lack of a good grasp of assigned tasks and such information can cause delays, conflicts, and less productivity, having a unified system can help streamline communication. Providing clear communication before the onset of a project is crucial to reducing misunderstanding and improved productivity. Additionally, there will be a reduced likelihood of conflict and friction among your employees since there won’t be issues like duplicated tasks. 

2. Room for Helpful Feedback

Providing open communication channels for everyone involved in the project is crucial to its eventual success. With a centralized communication platform, you can ensure that the project stakeholders and team members are up to speed on any views or decisions you make. 

If your team has any suggestions to make on handling different aspects of the project, they’ll be in a position to do so. Plus, even if issues arise, you can address them as you consult with stakeholders and ensure they don’t cause irreparable damage to the project. The Crows Nest platform is an invaluable asset to ensuring open avenues of feedback, allowing you to improve productivity as the team continues with current projects.

Since your team can also contribute ideas to the project process, they’ll feel more empowered to handle their tasks. 

3. Healthy Work Culture

The work environment you have is another factor that can be affected by communication. For example, when information is scarce, and there is a competitive feel in the jobsite, it’ll be more challenging for different employees or departments to collaborate. 

However, if you promote a healthy work environment by providing holistic project communication using a centralized platform, your staff will feel more at home. Since everyone will understand their work and how it relates to the entire project, your team can work together more productively. 

A healthy work environment characterized by effective communication can help keep your employees engaged in their tasks since they won’t feel any unnecessary pressure. That’s why getting the Crows Nest platform can work in your favor and boost productivity. 

4. Improved Accountability

One of the problems that arise from poor communication during project management is a lack of accountability. This happens when employees aren’t aware of their specific roles, timeline, and resources available. As a result, some tasks could become neglected while others are duplicated since employees aren’t aware of their responsibilities. 

You don’t have to struggle with accountability issues when using the Crows Nest platform to facilitate communication. Once you assign the specific tasks that each person should handle, you can check on them and request an account for their progress. This can help maintain productivity levels in your projects and improve the quality of work. 

5. Faster Problem Solving

Another benefit of a unified platform that promotes effective communication as subcontractors undertake projects is finding solutions faster than before. If your team and the departments can collaborate and share information, it’ll be easier to solve the problems that arise as the project continues. 

If one employee is having a hard time handling their part in a project, it can lead to delays in the progress you expect by the end of a particular period. The Crows Nest platform promotes project team collaboration, enabling others to bring alternate perspectives to the challenge, resulting in easier problem solving with improved overall productivity. 

6. Improved Cooperation and Cohesiveness

Effective communication also helps to make the entire organization more cohesive. As you provide project-wide information across different groups in your team, your staff will become more united towards the goal you’ve set and this is what Crows Nest software enables you to achieve. 

Also, by providing precise schedules and timelines, each employee will understand where their skills are most effective and can therefore provide help when it’s needed. As a result, communication barriers will be pulled down, and your organization can improve itself by helping the ones facing challenges. 

With increased collaboration and communication as part of your work culture, your team will gladly work together and finish projects within a shorter time. 

7. Better Employee Satisfaction

Another way to improve productivity is by ensuring your team finds satisfaction in the work they do. Part of this will involve providing honest feedback on the performance of your staff. This can be easy to do when you have a platform containing the assigned roles of each member. 

By ensuring that your employees improve their performance, as you address the quality of work they deliver, you’ll motivate them towards becoming more productive. Once your staff feels satisfied with the work they do, you’ll notice higher retention of your employees. 

8. No Project Delays

The last way you can increase productivity through effective communication is by eliminating project delays. As you ensure each employee understands their role, you can provide a clear schedule for the projects. This information, which will be available on the central platform, can motivate your employees to keep time as they handle their tasks. 

Since each employee will eventually be accountable for the part they play, they’ll become more diligent in ensuring everything is on schedule. 


Even with a superb staff, you can have a hard time maintaining high productivity because of poor communication. That’s why you need a unified system that can make it easier to communicate with your team. So contact us today and get the Crows Nest platform for better project management and effective communication. 

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