According to KMPG, 70% of organizations experienced at least one failed project in 2019. This figure shows how crucial it is to invest in premium project management solutions.

So, what solution can you employ to ensure project success as a subcontractor?

Unified project management increases visibility, enhancing task execution and budget management. As a result, the project team becomes more productive, implementing the project effectively.

Do you want to learn how project success starts with unified project management?

Let’s delve in!

What Is Unified Project Management?

Unified project management entails coordinating all resources and stakeholders involved to ensure every department is productive consistently. 

All departments share relevant information concerning the project’s objectives. They also make trade-offs on individual goals and competing objectives to promote cohesion.

It involves meeting or exceeding the needs that are there, and therefore, it’s more efficient. 

But what makes Crows Nest Software outstanding? It is an integrated project management solution that can work with any organization scale!

Why Is Unified Project Management Necessary for Your Project’s Success?

Wondering how project success starts with unified project management? Below is how Crows Nest Software helps you implement your project effectively:

1.    Project Scheduling

Moving a milestone date can affect the start and due dates of a work order. As a result, Crows Nest Software displays scheduling through the Gantt Chart to represent all the tasks associated with the work order visually.  

Moreover, you can have a personalized Gantt Chart that entails multiple variables like selected projects, task assignments, and work orders. This allows you to determine what and how many work order milestone dates to track monthly.

Unified project management also offers you a multi-dimensional Calendar Function. This feature shows you the available resources in each labor department, helping you plan for your materials.

It also displays the available labor hours in each department against the required hours per month or weekly. Consequently, you can schedule the project effectively!

2.    Project Pre-construction Management

The pre-construction phase of planning forms the base for the whole scope and schedule for your team. That’s why Crows Nest offers you a platform that facilitates effective project pre-construction management.

The Crows Nest platform features a shop drawing register that shares process and status information, along with, milestones dates. Every shop drawing line also tracks the history till the final approval is made. 

Do you want to keep track of your submission dates? The unified project management solution allows you to present the material and finish samples for architect approvals or project owners. Moreover, it keeps track of the dates you sent and when it was approved or rejected.

With this platform, the Official Requests for Information (RFI) is developed and monitored with the milestone date and conclusion. You can also set due dates to avoid project delays through past alerts..

3.    End-to-End Communication

According to GoRemotely, 75% of employees view collaboration and teamwork as crucial elements in work. Unfortunately, as a subcontractor, it can be challenging to ensure teamwork and coordination in the project team without effective communication. 

Reason? When there is a communication gap, roles may not be apparent, leading to delays and wastage of resources. 

But thanks to unified project management, you don’t have to go down this road. On the contrary, it offers end-to-end communication through features like the milestone date dashboard, document management, and project contacts. 

Whether the project team members want to access the project timeline or status update, they can accomplish this in a single click!

4.    Tracking Materials and Labor Costs

Monitoring materials and labor costs is crucial in every project implementation. That’s why Crows Nest Software provides a stand-alone application for time-keeping stations; you get to track labor costs easily.

This platform also separates requisition and purchasing, facilitating best practice material management. You can submit a list of requested approvals and track submitted or return dates for project documentation. 

Consequently, feed the requisition using the list of approved materials which helps you manage your purchases. In addition, you can track inventory items on-hand against the available quantity.

5.    Optimizes Productivity

Wondering how unified project management optimizes the productivity of project teams? When utilizing an integrated project management software, you have better visibility. This helps you make decisions effectively and within a short time, addressing significant issues of the project.

It also helps you assign the different tasks accordingly, such that every member knows their role. In addition, Crows Nest Software offers exceptional harmonization of all the project aspects. 

As a result, the project team becomes more productive, achieving more in terms of quality and quantity.

6.    Task Management

Missed tasks can cause distal delays since completed assignments prompt subsequent tasks within the project, providing a smooth workflow. So, how can you avoid this from happening?

Crows Nest offers you a robust and flexible task management engine, facilitating process management and accountability. As a result, you can identify and assign tasks to project team members as reminders or event occurrences without struggling. 

Some of the features you get to enjoy with this platform include:

  • Description
  • Assignment
  • Dependency
  • Project costing
  • Dynamic start and due date
  • Checklists

All these collaborate to keep you in control of the established process. Consequently, you can make adjustments where necessary to ensure successful project implementation!

7.    Custom Reporting

Looking for a customized reporting system that fits your needs? Crows Nest creates custom reports for you if the information exists in the platform. 

The solution features more than 300 report layouts that come with Crows Nest software. Moreover, these templates may be tweaked to fit your preferences.

The platform also features custom report templates that Crow Nest has designed to your specifications. You can either apply them or use the standard layouts. In addition, you can run the reports automatically on a configured repetitive schedule.

Final Thoughts

Wondering how you can implement your company’s project successfully? If yes, integrated project management software can help you accomplish this!

With unified project management solutions like Crows Nest Software, you can plan and schedule, enhance collaboration through end-to-end communication, optimize productivity, manage your budget, and facilitate effective labor tasks. 

This platform also allows you to manage tasks, customize reports, and develop an effective workflow. As a result, you become more efficient, executing your project effectively!

So, whether you have a small or big project, you can employ Crows Nest Software as it is flexible!

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